Brand Identity System

Zachary Baker, with
Nick French(Research Only)

826 National is the largest nonprofit youth writing organization in the country.

826 creates storefronts that reimagine tutoring through imagination - exploring identity, advocation, and community.

With an operating storefront, 826 Chapters raise funds for themselves to support the tutoring center, selling themed goods that represent the city’s definitive essence in unique ways.

Concept Statement 

Findler’s Fish Emporium is a haven for fish, fish lovers, and fishermen alike. This 826 tutoring center teaches kids to be curious, try new things, and spend time outdoors.

Findler himself teaches the importance of conservation through responsible fishing practices. Findler’s Fish Emporium is a junky, cluttered space that encourages exploration and DIY attitude.


Typographic System 

The type system of 826FISHMQT is a representation of John Findler himself.

Findler is the icon of the brand- and thus he is translated - mannerisims and all; through an identity-wide type system, hand drawn type and imagery, and specific use of color.

Findler’s not a designer, he doesn’t have the Adobe Suite, he’s got photoshop 98’& a Xerox held together with tape and

Brand Story 

826 Marquette / Findler’s Fish Emporium is a proposed new chapter to cement a settlement in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
The played up identity of Findler is a play on Marquette’s Duality, specifically the duality between tourists & year-rounders.

The Lore of Findler is born of this juxtaposition - How can we teach others, especially children to respect the environment whilst also upholding regional tradition and quirk.

826 Promises

826 Essences
(1) Spend Money, Fish Better
(2) Life Ain’t Easy, Fishin’ Is
(3) The Fish Ain’t Finished.

(1) Ladies Love Us, Fish Fear Us.
(2) How’s My Fishin’?
(3) Life’s a Fish.  

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