ZACHARY BAKER is a Graphic Designer and Craftsperson currently located in the beautiful, historic, North End of Detroit. His practice is filtered through craft identity, focusing on publication, motion, & brand identity systems. Scroll below for projects and publications.
See my crafted objects here. Feel free to reach out by email or by phone. The personal details are here.

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Existing as a rejection of the industrialized, maximalist Victorian style, the Craftsman homes of the 1910s & teens emphasized locally sourced, handcrafted materials, and objects- intending to create a livable craft object. 

When the style was popular, and as it declined, manufacturers of Kit Homes, [Sears Roebuck & The Aladdin Company] rushed in; stealing features of the livable Craft objects[Craftsman homes] to implement within their designs. Many Craftsman homes are lost to time, but their features can still be seen in the abundance of remaining Kit Homes across the United States. This publication was inspired by episode 323 of the podcast 99% Invisible, titled: “The House that Came in the Mail.” Find it here.

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