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A Liquor Legacy

Detroit has always been a city of liquor legacy;once having some the strictest alcohol sale laws in the country even since the territory’s founding.

An estimated 75% of the U.S.’s liquor flowed through Detroit, up and down the Dixie Highway, known as the “Avenue De Booze.”

Changing Times

Just after the abolition of prohibition, a rivalry emerged- between two Detroit distilleries, Arrow Liquors, and Mohawk Liquors; each ingraining themselves in Detroit’s Liquor Legacy through fine product.

In the early 2000s inspired by the craft beer movement in Detroit, a few hardy small-batch distilleries began popping up; Corktown’s Two James(est 2013), Eastern Market’s Detroit City Distillery(est 2014, and Ferndale’s Valentine Vodka(est 2013), in particular.     

Concept Statement 

Distill’d is a hybrid celebration of Detroit’s connection to American liquor legacy.

Our hybrid event invites participants to tune in for appearances by How to Drink, Anders Erickson, and Cocktail Chemistry.

Participants are encouraged to participate in our very own Tincture Lab, as well as our Mixology School:

A 12 Hour-2 Day-Crash Course on the basics of bartending, no experience required.

You might even walk away with decent

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