ZACHARY BAKER is a Graphic Designer and Craftsperson currently located in the beautiful, historic, North End of Detroit. His practice is filtered through craft identity, focusing on publication, motion, & brand identity systems. Scroll below for projects and publications.
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Forgotten Harvest

Forgotten Harvest is a non-profit with humble roots; beginning its life with one woman, Dr. Nancy Fishman. She rescued unused food from restaurants, her friend’s houses, and catering companies; delivering them to people who needed it.    Today, Forgotten Harvest is far bigger and has a dire need for a refresh that matches the way they see themselves now. Forgotten Harvest maintains a tone that pays homage to its roots, treating everyone respectfully, kindly, and professionally. Forgotten Harvest envisions communities that work together; to end hunger and increase individual, neighborhood, economic, and environmental health.

This is the vision upon which our system is based, micro-communities working together.
See the full case study here.

Project in collaboration with Brooklin Bekolay, Emma Lundgren, Andrea Frederiksen, Marie Gangloff, Madison Lalonde, & Nick French.