Forgotten Harvest
Brand Identity System

Zachary Baker, with Brooklin Bekolay,
Emma Lungdren, Andrea Frederiksen,
Marie Gangloff, Madison Lalonde,
& Nick French

Forgotten Harvest has humble roots, begining its life with one woman, Dr. Nancy Fishman, rescuing unused food from restaraunts, her friends’ houses, and catering companies; delivering them to people in need in the back of her Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Today, Forgotten Harvest is far bigger, and needed a refresh that matches the way they see themselves. They maintain a tone that pays omage to their roots, treating all with respect and kindness, and professionlism. 

FH envisions communities that work together- to end hunger and increase individual, neighborhood, economic, and environmental health.

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Iconography & Pattern 

Applied Assetts
From All of Us

We have positioned Forgotten Harvest to reach a larger audience through engaging and relevant visuals, dare we say... fun too!