ZACHARY BAKER is a Graphic Designer and Craftsperson currently located in the beautiful, historic, North End of Detroit. His practice is filtered through craft identity, focusing on publication, motion, & brand identity systems. Scroll below for projects and publications.
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Hipster Beaches and Love Things

I’ve spent many a summer day- itching to leave my stuffy apartment in place of somewhere greener:

Belle Isle is that place.

This publication serves not only to document the hidden hipster” beaches of Belle Isle but also to tell the stories associated with them: From strange encounters and bodily injury to lovers lost- this collection of imagery and stories also serves a greater purpose; to explore the relationship us Detroiters have with a place that gives us so much to live for on those sweltering summer days.

It was raining the day I walked the still-soaked deer trails of Belle Isle. It rained a lot that week, turning the sandy beaches into an ankle-deep mud pit.

Along the shore, south of the point, in a circle of sand, is a tree, and on it a box; and in it, a notebook filled with the love letters of perfect strangers, addressed to the spirit of Belle Isle herself.