ZACHARY BAKER is a Graphic Designer and Craftsperson currently located in the beautiful, historic, North End of Detroit. His practice is filtered through craft identity, focusing on publication, motion, & brand identity systems. Scroll below for projects and publications.
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How do we remember our mothers as children? is it different now? Has our perception changed, or is she still the same woman? In episode 788, of “This American Life”, Ira Glass has conversations with an old friend, and Israeli writer Etgar Keret- exploring the experiences he had with his mother: Entrepreneur, Fashion Icon, Ruthless Protector, & Holocaust Survivor - Orna Keret;

This publication serves as the proof of her legacy, one that she would not let be defined by the Nazis.
She was more than that- She was Orna.

 Do try and see these stories as they are- just stories.]

We found it important, as opposed to focusing on traditional type play, to pull character and truth from the stories themselves-

Illustrating the essence of each story through the shape and color of the text itself.

Made in collaboration with Lucy Van Eerde. Find her site here.