The Green House
Speculative Identity

Zachary Baker, with Katelyn Leibau,
J’von Tolbert,& Skylar Swetay

A Lack of Access

Detroit has a severe lack of acccess. To food, to employment, and most importantly in these half-vacant neighborhoods; computers and wifi.

The GreenHouse(s) is a proposed network of self-contained micro-ecosystems that utilize the thousands of vacant homes left abandoned in Metro Detroit.

By transforming these vacant spaces, we cultivate healthy food for the community, while also cultivating communites into self-sustaining enclaves that provide basic necessities that the city of Detroit does not.

Because of this general lack of access, we took a low fidelity approach to getting information in the hands of the people we strive to serve.

Cohesive System

Utilizing our already existing motion script, we created a series of interchangeable and variable flyers.

Modern Traditionalism

Using modern and traditional techniques like wheat pasting and bitmap, we developed a cohesive drag and drop image-copy system; As well as a quantitative color system based on Riso printing, creating a
for-the-future system with traditional roots that informs the community in a poetic way.

A Low Fidelity Future

In areas where wireless internet is unreliable or nonexistent unless from a mobile phone, flyers and posters pasted in near-annoying amounts serve to convey where greenhouses are in the neighborhood; as well as what we serve to do for that neighborhood.